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Top 10 Plants for Your Pergolas That Withstand the UAE Heat

Pergolas add elegance and sophistication to any home. Its plain and simple.  But pergolas as they are, can look a bit plain and simple. So how to spruce things up? By adding tons of plants to it of course! Yes, i said plants, that too flowering ones! These are no ordinary plants as they have the superpower to thrive in the scorching heat of UAE as well! Let us look at some of the best plants for your pergolas along with some additional plant-care and decor ideas!

#1 Bougainvillea

UAE pergolas are popular with bougainvillea owing to its brilliant colors and heat resilience. These drought-tolerant vines have bright bracts around tiny blooms. Bougainvillea thrives in full sun and takes little care, making it excellent for your pergola. Just keep in mind that you should put it in well-draining soil and water it only when the soil feels dry. Add trellis to your pergolas and train the biugainvillas to climb them. This will result in a stunning cascading effect. To take things up a notch, try planting different colors of bougainvillas together.

#2 Jasmine

Its lovely white blossoms and excellent aroma make jasmine famous. UAE’s heat and humidity suit several jasmine cultivars, including Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac). They can climb pergola trellises to blossom into a fragrant canopy. Although jasmine can withstand direct sunlight, you can also keep it in partially shaded spots. Prune them every now and then to maintain the desired shape. You can tape the branches of jasmine to the pergola supports so that they can grow into a beautiful canopy.

#3 Plumeria

Plumeria, or Frangipani, thrives in UAE’s environment and has unique, aromatic flowers. Once planted, these drought-tolerant trees can give your pergola a tropical look. Plumeria blossoms are white, pink, or yellow. You can confidently put them in direct sunlight, as these plants can take it. But when winter comes, make sure to protect them from the frost. Rather than going for a trellis, opt for large pots when it comes to Plumeria. Keep them towards the outer edges of the pergola to give it a more tropical look.

#4 Desert Rose

As its name implies, the Desert Rose thrives in drought. Its distinctive succulent look and vivid blossoms make it ideal for pergolas. It requires bright and full sun and well-draining soil and is absolutely low-maintenance. Pour in some diluted liquid fertilizer once or twice a month to speed up the growth of this one. Plant them in polymer or ceramic pots to give an elegant look to the setup. Try combining different color varieties of desert roses for a more attractive finish.

#5 Mediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean Fan Palm can tolerate UAE’s severe heat. It’s perfect for tropicalizing your pergola. Once established, this palm is drought-resistant and provides elegance and structure to your outdoor environment. It would be best to add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil, as it would benefit the plant more than a liquid fertilizer. This leafy addition will give your pergolas a much greener look. It would almost look like you are in a tropical forest!

#6 Lantana

Lantana camara, a heat-resistant plant, produces abundant clusters of red, orange, yellow, or pink flowers. It attracts tons of butterflies and thrives in full sunlight, making it a great pergola plant.Chop off some of the branches or prune the plant if you find that the stem is trailing a lot. Keep it under direct sunlight so that the plant doesn’t lose its shape or elongate too much. Chop off the flowers once they have finished blooming. Dont hold back while doing it, as it helps the plant grow bach faster and bushier.

#7 Desert Marigold

The native perennial Desert Marigold has vivid yellow daisy-like blooms. It’s heat-tolerant and can give your pergola a desert look. This plant needs little water once the root system starts building. When you add fertilizers, make sure that the Nitrogen content in them is low. Never overwater the plant, as it can rot easily. Water them when you see the leaves beginning to get a bit droopy. Plant them at the edges of your pergola to give them a brighter look.

#8 Red Fountain Grass

Consider growing Red Fountain Grass for enhanced color and ornamentation for your pergolas. This perennial grass has beautiful, arching crimson leaves that sway. It makes a stunning contrast to your pergola and is drought-resistant. Pruning these plants for the late winter would be a great idea.

#9 Mexican Honeysuckle

Mexican Honeysuckle is a heat-loving shrub with tubular orange or red blooms. It’s great for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies outside. This plant can be trimmed to match your pergola, and it thrives in UAE’s extreme temperatures. It attracts tons of pollinators, as the name suggests. Allow it to spill over the edges of the pergola for a natural look.

#10 Agave

Desert succulents like agave thrive in the UAE’s hot, dry atmosphere. They can add character to your pergola with their remarkable architectural forms and varying sizes. Agaves are low-water and low-maintenance. They are great for making borders for your pergolas or backyard gardens as well.

All set for gardening?

Turning your pergola into a lush haven that withstands the UAE’s heat is gratifying. Selecting the correct plants and following proper maintenance and decoration suggestions will help your area survive and grow in the arid climate.


The appropriate plants for your pergolas are crucial to success. Just like the heat-esistant plants listed in this blog, make sure you plant the ones that go with your style and the climate of the place you are in. Each plant has distinct traits that can improve your pergola’s attractiveness and give it year-round interest. Start with low-maintenance plants like Agave and lantana, and once your thumb gets more green, take on bigger plant challenges. What say? And if you ever need to install or maintain your steel pergolas, remember that Palmiye is just one click away!

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