Palmiye’s aluminium pergolas are designed to provide an added layer of functionality along with a premium retractable roof that shades. Available in two versatile ranges; either as PVC/Fabric retractable roof with aluminium structure or Bioclimatic pergolas with an aluminium retractable or rotatable roof adapted to aluminium pillars & rails.
PVC/Fabric pergola system is the most feasible yet classic options among the prime range of outdoor shade structures. Equipped with a retractable roof system standing on sturdy aluminium structures, this product is a blend of artistic design & dynamic functionalities making it a perfect outdoor shade option..
Crafted to provide optimal shade & protection from sun & rain all year round, the pergola roof has a smooth retraction mechanism that allows for more flexibility & power over your space. You can control how much shade you want or how much openness of the roof you want depending on the climate & surroundings. If desired the product can be made into retractable summer/winter garden by closing the sides with different side enclosures such as awnings & glass systems.

Some of the distinctive features along with unparalleled quality that set our PVC/Fabric pergola systems apart from others:

Powder coated aluminium structures

Certified from Qualicoat for adherence to quality specifications for our powder coated structures.

Adaptability & different design formats

Our flexibility to manufacture freestanding, hanging or wall-mounted pergola systems with customization to any RAL colour plus, endless personalization for the fabric & PVC allows for adaptation to any space & requirements.

Easy integration

A flawless integration with lighting, sensors, drainage, motorization & automation. Our durable structures score the grade of 11 on Beaufort scale equivalent to the capability of withstanding wind speeds up to 117 km/hr.

Exclusive Fabric

Palmiye prides in providing an exclusive fabric collection. For catering distinctive needs, we have standard & exclusive fabric range that is warranted against moulding & fading up to 2 years.

Retractable roof with wavy fabric

Combined with premium additional features, our pergolas can be a value-generating addition to any outdoor space.

Retractable Aluminium pergolas with tilted roof

Silver series pergola with tilted roof


  • Minimal yet classic structure
  • Available in plus & compact series
  • Double anti-air system blocks air & dust
  • Endless customizations

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Gala series pergola with tilted roof on either side


  • Inclined roof on both sides with pillars in centre & all four sides.
  • Ideal for large spaces with projection up to 2000 cms.
  • Cross-sectional pillars ensure durability & strength
  • Electrostatic powder coated aluminium structure

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Panorama series pergoal with hanging tilted roof


  • Without any front pillars as support
  • Ensures panoramic views
  • Can be hanging or buttress type
  • Available in plus & compact series

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Marine series with hanging retractable roof on both sides


  • Twin of panorama
  • Ensures optimal width & projection
  • Available as free-standing with central pillars
  • Hanging steel pipes hold the roof structure in place

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Retractable Aluminium pergolas with flat roof

Flat roof pergola as Satin series


  • Clean lines & modern design
  • Especially designed retractable roof with flat aluminium construction
  • Ceiling cover type can be trapezium or wavy
  • Trapezium gutter can be integrated

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Retractable Aluminium Pergolas with curved roof

Coral series as curved roof pergola


  • Minimal structure with curved roof & soft contours.
  • Available in plus & compact series
  • Usable in all-weather conditions
  • Arched roof creates the illusion of a spacious interior.

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Crown series with twin curved roof


  • Twin system of coral series.
  • Maximum projection can be up to 1600 cms.
  • Ideal for enclosing large spaces.
  • Arched roof on either side creates a relaxing & spacious environment.

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Hanging curved pergola roof as apollo series


  • An arched roof without any front pillars for support.
  • Ensures unbroken panoramic views.
  • Steel pipes strongly hold the roof in place.
  • Can be hanging or buttress type.

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Dual-sided curved roof hanging pergola


  • Twin of Apollo
  • Stands on central pillars without front pillar support.
  • Available as freestanding with steel hanging pipes for roof support.
  • Stylish way to enlarge outdoor living apace.

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Retractable Roofs only

Cosmo series as curved retractable roof


  • Curved roof ideal for existing curved construction.
  • Can be integrated without any support.
  • Contains only the retractable roof & no structure.
  • Offers feasible integration without any alteration to existing structure.

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Legend series with tilted/flat retractable roof


  • Flat or inclined roof ideal for any construction.
  • Can be integrated without any support.
  • Offers protection from sun & ensures climate control.
  • No structure involvement.

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Key Features

Pioneering the innovation in pergola industry

Leading the industry with innovative state-of-the-art technology & design by introducing double anti-air system, moveable lighting kit, curved roof pergolas, panoramic view pergolas & more underway.

Extensive range for endless personalization

With the highest number of available series & designs in the pergola sector globally, we provide tailor made solutions even for non-standard projects. Our designs can adapt to any space & requirement.

Exceptionally qualified team & resources

With dedicated & professional team for each department, from design & architecture to 3D renders & installation. We strive for gaining the trust of our clients at each stage & deliver flawless projects.

International quality standards

With international network & successful operations at 95 different areas/points globally, Palmiye assures of an unmatched quality with European certifications justifying our standards & management systems.

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