Folding Glass Systems

Double Glass Folding System

THIS PROTECTIVE AND CLASSY CONCEPT HAS BEEN DEVELOPED IN ORDER TO PROVIDE MAXIMUM COMFORT TO ANY LIVING SPACE. Each panel is enclosed with an aluminium frame and in turn connected to each other with strong hinges.

Butterfly System

THE BUTTERFLY SYSTEM IS CARRIED ALONG THE TOP RAIL FROM A CENTRALLY PLACED WHEEL. Along the bottom of the window pane there is a special rubber seal which prevents rain and air. The wheel system at the top of each wing is adjustable to ensure easy manoeuvring of the panels. Completely transparent views enable a life intertwined with nature.

Hanging System

WITH ITS SPECIAL FRAMELESS DESIGN THE CUSTOMER IS ABLE TO ENJOY THE PANORAMIC VIEWS AROUND THEM, FROM WITHIN THE ENCLOSED AREA. With a specially designed joint system, that screws the glass directly to the profile providing extra strength and stability, the glass panels are moved safely only along the top rail. This wheel system has an intelligent parking technology where the pane of glass is

Standard System

THIS IS A SUCCESSFUL ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION THAT INTEGRATES INDOOR COMFORT WITH AN OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE. This stunning design concept has been intricately developed in order to fit with any type of architecture, classic or modern. A delightful design line running throughout the product enables any colour combination so that it can be personalized to individual taste. Due to the innovative suspension system each glass panel