Glass Systems

To provide more flexibility & control to Pvc/fabric pergolas & bioclimatic pergolas, we manufacture exclusive glass systems to complement your outdoor shade structures. With stunning design concepts, innovative solutions & architectural compatibility, our glass systems can be used anywhere especially with pergolas as side enclosures. It gives you the power to integrate indoor comfort with an outdoor living space.

The exclusivity in terms of customization, options, design & innovation makes Palmiye, a leader in glass systems & outdoor shade structures.

Glass colour options

Apart from the standard transparent glass, the glass can be customized in various colours such as blue, green, or smoked allowing personalization as per the requirements.

Glass types

Palmiye deals in laminated, tempered & double/insulated glass options that can be integrated in any system of your choice such as fixed glass, parapet system or adjustable parapet system.

Lock & handle options

For enhanced security & safety, the glass doors or panels can have different lock options such as HTP lock, HSM lock, Double glass sliding lock, standard folding glass key lock & different handle options such as oval, vertical, linear, circle, cylinder & panic bars.

Folding Glass System

Hanging System

  • Frameless design ensures panoramic views
  • Glass panels first slide & then gather/park at one side
  • This system is not waterproof as it only slides along the top profile (steel or concrete).
  • The parking technology ensures the pane of the glass is guided onto the right track itself.

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Double glass folding system

  • Each glass panel is surrounded by aluminium frame strongly connected by hinges
  • Waterproof & windproof
  • The load carrier profile is steel
  • Provides maximum strength & comfort.

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Butterfly System

  • Carried along the top rail with centrally placed wheel.
  • The placement of the gathered glass panels lies equally on either side (inside & outside)
  • The bottom of the panels has rubber seals that prevent rain & air.
  • No standard handle, but stainless-steel handles can be incorporated.

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Sliding Glass system

3-rail & 5-rail sliding system

  • Waterproof with Intricately designed drainage
  • Adjustable wheels ensure smooth movement.
  • Glass panels can move in both directions both left & right.
  • Works between bottom rail & top channel profile

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Double Glass sliding system

  • An aluminium profile encapsulates each panel.
  • Heatproof, waterproof & airproof.
  • The load carrier is the ground.
  • Each panel is connected to another enabling smooth opening & closing.

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Lift & slide system

  • Large glass panels ensure panoramic views.
  • The system offers perfect water, heat & air insulation.
  • The configuration can be mixed with fixed & sliding panels depending on the number of panels.
  • Load carrier is the bottom rail & ground.

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Fixed Parapet system

  • Strong frameless panels.
  • Maximum height up to 110 cms
  • Different design for aluminium rails that hold the glass.
  • Provides panoramic views & crystal-clear protection.

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Adjustable Parapet system

  • Vertically operable motorized glass panels.
  • Available in 2 or 3 glass options where the bottom glass is fixed.
  • Transmission by belt on both sides.
  • Works as a room enclosure when closed & acts as a balcony & wind breaker when open.

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Key Features

Pioneering the innovation in pergola industry

 Leading the industry with innovative state-of-the-art technology & design by introducing double anti-air system, moveable lighting kit, curved roof pergolas, panoramic view pergolas & more underway.

Extensive range for endless personalization

With the highest number of available series & designs in the pergola sector globally, we provide tailor made solutions even for non-standard projects. Our designs can adapt to any space & requirement.

Exceptionally qualified team & resources

With dedicated & professional team for each department, from design & architecture to 3D renders & installation. We strive for gaining the trust of our clients at each stage & deliver flawless projects.

International quality standards

With international network & successful operations at 95 different areas/points globally, Palmiye assures of an unmatched quality with European certifications justifying our standards & management systems.

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