Sensors can be a versatile addition to the functionalities of retractable pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas & retractable awnings as they provide more control over the product use & offer judicious use of the product according to the weather conditions.

At Palmiye, we provide different sensors from Somfy for a superior adaptation of all our products according to the weather requirements.

Wind Sensors

A wireless, battery powered RTS wind sensor from Somfy will automatically retract the awning or the pergola based on wind generated movements even when you are away. It helps in hassle-free operation of pergolas & awnings to offer ultimate protection in windy conditions. It comes with a built-in indicator that warns that the battery needs to be replaced.

Sun Sensor

This battery powered RTS sun sensor helps in increasing the productivity of the product by closing/retracting the blinds, awnings or pergola depending on the amount of sunlight. It is easily mountable & helps in green energy by reducing heat gain/loss according to set preferences. It also helps in preventing UV damage & protects the interior by automatically managing the outdoor products according to sun’s intensity.

Rain Sensor

Although not much in use due to the hot & humid climate of Dubai with Scarce rainfall, rain sensors are used to automatically retract the pergola or awning according to the selected rain threshold. It is wired, plug in 24V DC power that protects from bad weather by closing the louvers or lowering the blinds.

Wind & sun sensor

A state-of-the-art product combining the functionalities Of wind & sun sensor That automatically controls the motorized products when wind speed is detected, or sunlight intensity increases. It offers maximum energy savings and ultimate comfort.

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