Drainage & Sealing

Integrated Drainage & Multi-sealing system in Aluminium pergolas

Through years of research & innovation, Palmiye has developed the most distinguishing feature of our pergola systems that is Integrated Drainage.
A reliable drainage system is pivotal to any structure to be called “four seasons ready”.

While the drainage for bioclimatic pergolas is available as the standard option, for PVC/Fabric retractable systems it is optional. Although it is always advised to equip your outdoor structures with proper drainage & gutter systems for an uninterrupted four season living.
The sealing or gasket system implemented with our products is remarkable. The gasket placement around beams, gutters & rails makes the space air, dust & waterproof.

For PVC/Fabric aluminium pergolas, the drainage works as follows:

The gutter is optional & can be integrated into the beams & aluminium pillars of the pergola hiding the complexities. The rainwater efficiently gets discharged from the gutter profile into the pillars along the stainless-steel water outlet at the bottom of the pillar.

water flow from gutter into the pillar aiding drainage in Palmiye pergola

Water evacuates throught the gutter into the pillars

highlighted gutter seal prohibiting ingress of water into pergola shade

The gutter seal prevents water from splashing into the interior space

The gaskets or gutter seal bordering the gutter prevents ingress of water to any other part of the pergola except through designated gutter & pillars.

Our pergola systems are crafted to provide the best protection & barrier from external elements like wind & water. The aluminium rail attached with the pillars have sealing gaskets & the back cover under which the fabric gathers after retraction has gaskets as well. Two distinguishing features of our innovative sealing systems are:


The sealing gaskets on the back end prevents rainwater entering the enclosed area & leads it directly to front gutter for perfect water drainage.

Double anti-air system

This system prevents the wind entering between the ceiling covers, rails & gutters & creates an airtight space that cannot be penetrated by the wind.

gaskets in rail to facilitate sealing & aiding in waterproof mechanism

For bioclimatic/louvered pergolas

For bioclimatic/louvered pergola the drainage is in-built & available as a standard option. The drainage system is ingeniously integrated into the beams of the bioclimatic pergola series.

The elliptical panel structure (skyroof) & the inclined panel structure (prestige) are designed to aid the flow of water through the panels into the gutter on all sides.

advanced panel structure aiding water to flow through roof into pillars of pergola

Panel structure helps in water flow to the integrated gutter beam

The water blocking barrier or sealant at the brackets joining the adjacent beams prevents water from entering the air tunnels.

The rotatable or retractable aluminium panels/louvers have gaskets around their edges that seal the roof when closed & the structure allows interlocking of the panels that ensures a 100% airproof space.

Water evacuates effortlessly from the outlet located on bottom of the pillars.

Water evacuation outlet

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