Bioclimatic louver Pergolas

Rotatable/Retractable Aluminum Roof

Black aluminum pergola with slightly open louvers for an outdoor living room by the pool
actuator or motor used in bioclimatic system bt Palmiye

High-pressure closing function

panel can move upto 120 while rotating in bioclimatic series

End-point centered rotation


The skyroof series is a motorized louvered pergola with rotatable aluminium panels.

The panels/louvers are powered with an actuator system (same actuators that are used in airplane flaps) with a high-pressure closing function. High-quality gasket seal provides an airtight space.

The revolutionary design allows the panels to rotate at any angle up to 120 degrees in a seamless manner. The end-point centered rotation also allows better integrity, stability & sealing.

The air tunnels in the panel structure allow for a certain level of heat & sound insulation.

Available as Plus & Compact series, the skyroof offers complete protection from weather inclemency. For the Plus series, the projection & width is greater than compact paired with versatile options of insulation, linear lighting & enhanced load capacity.

Skyroof also offers a versatile variety of modular construction possibilities by means of its flexible compact & structural design.

Panels can be customized into different colors other than the structure.

Paired with automation & side enclosures such as awnings & glass systems our skyroof series can be your ultimate outdoor shade structure.

Skyroof Prestige

The Prestige series is a motorized aluminium pergola with a retractable roof.
The stylish powder-coated aluminium structure exhibits luxury & practicality while providing complete protection.

The synchronized aluminium panels can retract efficiently up to 79% openness with clear sky views. The simultaneous retraction of panels allows smooth roof opening & can be paused at any point to allow for proper ventilation.

The standard air tunnels in the louvers provide a certain level of insulation with the option of the enclosure with polyurethane foam which provides enhanced insulation & reduces condensation.

The sealing gaskets at the edge of the panels ensure complete sealing thus making the pergola completely resistant to the ingress of air, water & dust.
Prestige also offers a versatile variety of modular construction possibilities by means of its flexible compact & structural design
Paired with automation & side enclosures such as awnings & glass systems our prestige series can be your exclusive outdoor pergola to sit, relax & enjoy.

white retractable aluminium louvers & black pergola at a garden seating in house
aluminium panle structure of retractable roof

synchronized panel movement

polyurethane foam insulated panels for better insulation

Insulated panles with polyurethane foam

Key Features

Pioneering the innovation in pergola industry

Leading the industry with innovative state-of-the-art technology & design by introducing double anti-air system, moveable lighting kit, curved roof pergolas, panoramic view pergolas & more underway.

Extensive range for endless personalization

With the highest number of available series & designs in the pergola sector globally, we provide tailor made solutions even for non-standard projects. Our designs can adapt to any space & requirement.

Exceptionally qualified team & resources

With dedicated & professional team for each department, from design & architecture to 3D renders & installation. We strive for gaining the trust of our clients at each stage & deliver flawless projects.

International quality standards

With international network & successful operations at 95 different areas/points globally, Palmiye assures of an unmatched quality with European certifications justifying our standards & management systems.

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