Retractable Awning with Striped Blue & White Fabric Shading a Restaurant in Dubai Festival City


Awnings are among the most popular & feasible outdoor shade structures particularly in UAE. Awnings are basically a sheet of fabric acting as a supplemental roof or cover that offers shade & protection from the sun & rain. Palmiye is proud to introduce exclusive retractable awnings which is a perfect blend of functionality & technology in UAE & MENA region. We have also been awarded for the best design for awnings. Explore our entire range of smart shade solutions, & choose the best outdoor shade for your needs.

Fabric quality & technical specifications
Different layouts (vertical, inclined) to suit any requirements & space

5 Year warranty

Options for motorization

Customization in cassette, fabric color & valance

Easy integration with sensors

Available as ceiling & wall mounting type

Awning shading an outdoor dining area with sea views

Retractable awnings as vertical blinds

White vertical blind covering an outdoor living space


Storexy is a quintessential vertical blind integrated with the functionality of a retractable awning. It has steel guide wires on both sides running from the cover to the floor that acts as a pathway for the awnings to operate. With option to motorize & add sensors, the maximum projection can go up to 300 cms. Its flexibility allows the integration with any space with the option of black-out or translucent fabrics.

transparent zip blind protecting an outdoor restaurant with pergola roof in rain


The operational scope of windstor is same as storexy, but the major difference lies in the ability of windstor to prevent the ingress of water & wind. It has a surrounding aluminium frame with inbuilt racks on which the blind operates. The bottom part of the zip blind has a seal which completely prevents water or wind entering inside. As it is 100% waterproof & airproof, it can be used as a reliable side enclosure with our retractable pergolas or bioclimatic pergolas.

Transparent vertical zip blind with a pergola covering an outdoor living room

Retractable awnings as drop arm awnings

Drop-arm awning with black fabric installed on a building facade
drop-arm motorized awning with red fabric & white rotatable arms in Palmiye showroom Dubai
drop-arm-awning with black fabric integrated with a bioclimatic pergola as a side enclosure


With an ability of a seamless arm rotation up to 180 degrees, Pente is a drop arm awning. It can be either used as a sun awning or a vertical blind. With the side arms visible, the awning fabric is completely protected within the cassette. The arms can be retracted or contracted at any angle to enjoy the preferred amount of sunlight & shade. Projection of Pente is proportional to its arm length.

Retractable awnings as Monoblock awnings


Elegantly designed Liberty is a classic mono-block awning that shades in an inclined layout. It has an angle that can be adjusted up to a 60-degree pitch. Perfect for shading pop-up shops, doors & windows, Liberty is minimal in its structure & the most feasible option for retractable awnings. It has a roller tube which holds the rolled-up fabric & arms that push the awning fabric outwards when opened. The maximum projection can go up to 330 cms. Optional valance can be added over the terminal cap for personalized touch or branding.

Monoblock retractable awning shading an outdoor cafe by a lake side

Retractable awnings as Cassette awnings

Cassette retractable awning shading near a pool


Palmiye is proud to introduce Platinum as the most exclusive, stylish & functional cassette awning in the UAE market. With a fully enclosed cassette, this is our designer awning that has a projection up to 330 cms & inclination up to 50 degrees. The cassette completely conceals the fabric & protects it from the sun, ensuring longevity & durability. As the cassette is waterproof, it warrants against the passage of water hence keeping the fabric clean & dry. Integrated with somfy motor, this is the ultimate sunshade awning in UAE.


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